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Board Position Descriptions:


 General Requirements:

To be on the board you must remember to be there for the right reasons.  We don’t need one issue people or people who are only there to further their own agendas.  They must be able to work well with others. They must treat all members of the association equal and help all other members as requested.


Please note Voting positions require the directors to be at all board meetings through the year. If a board member misses more than 3 consecutive meetings they will no longer be considered a member in good standing and that position may become available to be filled with another member.  There will be one of these scheduled per month.  However; there could be more during the year if the issues warrant them. There are currently no board meetings in July or August.

Each position has slow and busy periods through the year.


As a board member you are required to help out with our 2 tournaments that Rutland Club puts on each year; the Mini World Cup which runs the second Sunday of June each year as well as the Kelowna Canada Day tournament which runs the Canada Day weekend (or the following weekend if it does not fall where it is a long weekend). As a board member in good standing you are entitled to receive a discounted board member pricing for your child(ren).


Chairperson:  Voting (in the event of a tie, does not have a second vote)

Oversee the general running of the association

Makes sure all director duties are being completed and assist as required.

Preside at General meetings.

Review agenda of general meetings with Secretary

Help Prepare budget with treasurer

Deal with any COYSA issues that arise

Resolves Rutland Club issues as requested or escalated by other directors

Works closely with the Rutland Club Administrator.

Attends meeting with other Club chairs as required by COYSA

Supports all Rutland Club Directors in their decisions and decision process.


 Vice Chairperson:  Voting

This should be the person training to be a future Chairperson

Responsible for chairperson’s duties as necessary or when they are unavailable.

Help Prepare budget

Must be able to work well with the Chairman on all issues

Helps Discipline Rep in internal Discipline issues


Secretary – Voting

Preparing the Agenda based on all the requests of the Board and Chair person

Take minutes of Board meeting and at the AGM

Send the Minutes for review to the Chairperson prior to sending out the finished minutes to the Board before the next meeting

Help out with the preparation of the Coaches Manual (if applicable)

Work with other Board Members to make up the teams

If available, help out with other jobs and/or tournaments


Treasurer -  Voting

MUST have Sage (Simply Accounting) working knowledge

Keep accurate accounting records for the organization

Ensure funds are deposited to proper accounts

Verify invoices for accuracy and pay on a timely basis

At registration, ensure fees are balanced to registrar’s files

Monitor and collect any outstanding fee. i.e.: NSF cheques, etc.

Monthly account reconciliations should be done to the bank statements.

Investigate any outstanding items and monitor to ensure cheques clear on a timely basis

Prepare Treasurers report to be presented at monthly meetings

Annual financial statements must be prepared as soon after fiscal year end as possible.

Apply for the Gaming Grant each year


Administrator / Registrar:

This position is a hired, contracted paid position.


Equipment Director:  Voting


Maintain inventories of equipment

Order new equipment

Arrange storage of equipment

Prepare and organize equipment

Arrange to distribute equipment

Arrange pick up of equipment

Maintain inventory of uniforms

Order new uniforms

Arrange storage of uniforms

Prepare, organize and hand out uniforms

Arrange pick up of uniforms.


Equipment Assistants: Voting

Assist the Equipment Director in the spring setup of Team kits and distribute

Assist in return of equipment in the fall


Director for Sponsorship and Fundraising:  Voting

Get sponsors for Club divisional sponsored teams

Get sponsors for any Tournament/Jamboree/Mini World Cup

Contact Mini (U5/6) Sponsor

Get picture (Plaques) to all Sponsors

Place ad thanking all Sponsors

Get sponsors for Canada Day and Mini World Cup events

Coordinate anything that deals with the business community


Discipline: Voting

A Disciplinary meeting in spring with other disciplinary representatives of other clubs. This meeting you are given the FIFA Rules and typical disciplines for action taken. A head Disciplinary Representative is voted in between Club members.

A brief speech about coach’s responsibility’s at the Spring Coach’s meeting

The Head Disciplinary Rep. receives reports of discipline from the Head Referee. Then makes suggestions to the Soccer Clubs Disciplinary Committee members.

As a RYSA Disciplinary Committee Member you vote (typically via email) from suggestions, or suggest action of your own

The Head Disciplinary Rep. then will receive and negotiate a final resolution, and instruct the person being disciplined.

Work with other Board Members to make up the teams

If available help out with other jobs and/or tournaments


 Directors for Club Soccer:  Voting

Can be split in two if required (1 for Boys and 1 for Girls)

Recruit coaches for coaching of all U-11 to U-18 girls’ and boys’ teams

Communicate with coaches throughout the season about upcoming events, tournaments, or any issues that arise through the season.

Plan and organize the Division A evaluations

Recruiting evaluators to be present and assess players

Organize field time

Relay information to the community, coaches and all players

Assist evaluators with makeup of teams and communicate the same to players


Organize or find training opportunities for coaches pre-season and during the season.  Begin to assist coaches in becoming qualified with Learn To Train and Soccer For Life courses as BC Soccer guidelines change.

Assist with organization and planning of coaches meeting in the spring pre-season.

Run goal keeping clinic for players as needed.

Collect coach/team evaluations from parents and players post-season

Collect player evaluations from each coach post-season

Assist board in makeup of teams after Division A has been decided on.

Assist coaches with any player or teams concerns that arise.

Be available for parents with questions.

Assist with tournaments run by Rutland Club.

Liaise with head coach as needed to provide coaching/teaching opportunities for coaches throughout the season. 

Plan year end coaches’ appreciation.


 Director for Mini Soccer:  Voting

Can be split in two if required (1 for Boys and 1 for Girls)

Responsible for all players from U6 to U10.

Assist the U6 Coach in their duties as required and arrange coach mentoring with KU.

The primary role of the positions are to recruit and retain coaches, and be a point of contact for coaches specifically and parents generally for the purposes of:

·       Forwarding information to coaches about meetings, scheduling, clinics, tournaments

·       Answering questions and provide support on a timely basis

·       Be the eyes and ears on the fields as much as possible to be aware of any issues which require attention/assistance (eg. discipline)

·       Be able to step in and help any team as requested

·       Refer enquiries to the correct contact with respect to matters not specific to RYSA (eg. COYSA, Kelowna United etc.)


The coach coordinators should take a leadership role in coaches meetings, ensuring all preparations are done, and being on hand to facilitate the meetings and answer questions, along with other board members.

The coach coordinators should help the Director for Technical Development as requested in organizing coach clinics or other matters.

Assist in the running for tournaments that Rutland Club hosts



Director for Communication: Voting

          Responsible for all community information releases.

          Responsible for the RYSA website as well as Facebook page. 


Mini World Cup CoordinatorVoting

Lead person in charge of the Mini World Cup

Organize all facets of the tournament


Canada Day Tournament Coordinator: Voting

 Lead Person In charge of Summer Tournament

Organize all facets of the tournament


Goalie Wars Coordinator: Voting

Lead person in charge of the Goalie Wars event as part of Canada Day.  

Only required on 3 day weekends.

Works with Canada Day Coordinator to plan and organize.


Team Pictures: Voting

Coordinate picture-taking times for all teams and location

Book location in case of rain

Assign times for picture taking to coaches

Arrange for distribution of pictures to players


Volunteer Coordinator: Voting

Managing the Volunteer sign up for website

Ensuring that there are volunteers for each event

At year end, adding up all volunteer hours for each family and reconcile to the cheques received for which ones need to be deposited

Helping at events and/or tournaments throughout the year


These are non Voting Positions:


Director for COYSA:   (2 Required) 

Responsible for being the liaison between COYSA and RYSA, ensuring all COYSA rule and regulation changes are communicated to RYSA and for ensuring comments/assessments of the new rules are given back to COYSA

Attend all monthly meetings of both COYSA and RYSA and report decisions and initiatives being contemplated between the two boards and solicit input regarding proposed changes. Provide written reports when necessary.  Analyze proposed changes to rules and regulations which are either accepted or rejected based on the positive affects the changes will have on the few thousand youth soccer players in the league under the COYSA umbrella.


Sponsors 2021

n addition to our sponsors listed below, we would like to recognize that we also receive funds from the BC Community Gaming Grant each year which helps keep our costs down to a minimum, along with the help from all the team sponsors.