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Rutland Gives Back

See where your donations of gently used sporting equipment goes. 

A Huge Thank You from Kids from Cambodia, Uganda, South Africa and India!

 The donations of soccer equipment from Kelowna has had a huge impact around the world.  Pacific Academy High School students were able to give this equipment out to the neediest of children in Cambodia, Uganda, South Africa and India.  Here is a quick overview and thank you from each team.


Pacific Academy students had the opportunity to work with a group of children in the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  The children in these pictures are from families where parents earn from $5 to $6 per day so the church, through sponsorship, are able to provide basic education to these families.  The teacher in the picture was very grateful for the donation of the soccer uniforms which she indicated will be shared among many children in their neighbourhood.  Thank you so very much!

South Africa

In South Africa Pacific Academy gave donated soccer equipment to a very needy school in Phunanane, Limpopo province in Northern South Africa.  These are mostly orphan children who have very little in terms of toys, sports equipment and clothing.  The uniforms, cleats and soccer balls gave many students a chance to learn and play soccer (or football as they call it).  Thank you very much!


Pacific Academy sponsors a school in Kibaale, Rakai District in South Eastern Uganda.  This is an extremely poor area of the country that has been devastated by the HIV epidemic and drought.  Pacific Academy students were able to give uniforms and soccer balls from the donations to allow children to play their favorite sport: football (soccer).  They cheered as the school principal was given the equipment.  Thank you so much for your generosity!


Pacific Academy students had the opportunity to visit a school in Nagpur India at spring break.  This is a school for boys of the lowest cast.  They receive a quality education at this school and were so thankful to receive a donation of soccer equipment.  Although their favorite sport is cricket, they enjoy playing soccer and the soccer balls and uniforms were a great blessing! 

Sponsors 2021

n addition to our sponsors listed below, we would like to recognize that we also receive funds from the BC Community Gaming Grant each year which helps keep our costs down to a minimum, along with the help from all the team sponsors.