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Hello RYSA Families,

            Last year RYSA implemented the mandatory $100 Volunteer check as a way of encouraging parents to volunteer in order to reduce the costs associated with running the club.  RYSA would like to make it clear we do not want to collect these funds from anyone.  All we would like is for parents to step up and volunteer in their childrens sport.  This method is used by other sports in the Okanagan and was successful for us last year.  With the help of our parent volunteers, this will help cut costs associated with paying others to do what our own members can.  The savings of this money would be better spent on more RYSA soccer camps or even a decrease in our registration fees.
            This year each RYSA Family will be required to fill 4 hours of volunteering.   These hours can be fufilled by players, parents or even grandparents.  During the season we will send you an email requesting you to sign up on the volunteer website www.signup.com.  On this website you will find a number of RYSA Events with various volunteer postings including descriptions, so you know what you will be doing.  Throughout the season we may add more postings as more jobs are needed, an email reminder will be sent out at that time.  Volunteer postings will be for 1 to 2 hours, however some of the postings will require less time, in this instance it will still count as the time posted for the shift.  On the day of the Event you will be required to show up at the specified time and sign in, this will show you have filled your requirement.
            The Volunteer cheque can be made out to RYSA and postdated for the end of the season, October 31.  The cheques will be collected by your coach/manager at the beginning of the season and given to the RYSA Treasurer who will hold them until the end of the season.  After the season a review of volunteer hours will be conducted.  If the volunteer requirement is met, we will then ask you if you would like your check back or shredded. Should you have any questions or concerns you can contact me at rysavolunteer@gmail.com

Lisa Belding
Volunteer Coordinator