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Hi Everyone,

This is a quick note to explain the new mandatory volunteer cheque that was brought in this year.

RYSA wants to make things clear that RYSA does not want any money from anybody. All we are looking for is to have parents step up and volunteer in their kids sport. The past years RYSA has payed people to do various jobs within the soccer season as RYSA was unable to get enough volunteers to help out.

The volunteer cheque can be made out to RYSA and postdated for the end of the soccer season. Each member will be required to perform 4 hours of volunteering. These cheques will be collected by your coach\ manager. The cheques will then be given to the RYSA administrator. RYSA will be hold the cheques until the end of the season.

During the season there will be an email or a volunteer sign up site that will be sent to all members asking for volunteers in various areas. These areas may include the organization of the equipment for the coaches, photo day, RYSA mini world cup, RYSA Canada Day soccer tournament and yearend equipment return. RYSA will try and make each spot that is available 2 hours in length. Once someone has signed up for the volunteer spot they will show up and sign in. This will show you have filled your spot. Once the 4 hours of volunteer hours have be completed RYSA will ask you if you would like to have your cheque returned to you or shredded.

This method is used in many sports in the Okanagan and has been a success. With the help of the volunteers and the need not to pay people to do these volunteer jobs anymore we can use the money saved to give back to the children. This may include RYSA soccer camps for the children, or registration fees decreased or anything else that would help the kids out.

Should you have any other questions or concerns please contact myself at: