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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - What Do I Need To Supply My Children To Play Soccer With RYSA?

A - Thanks to our generous sponsors, RYSA provides all players with ADIDAS Jerseys, Shorts & Socks.  Players do require shinpads (for practices AND games) and soccer cleats.

Q - When does the 2017 Season Begin?

A - The 2017 Season will begin the week of April 17th.  First games will be played on April 22nd.  Coaches will be in contact with you by Easter Weekend at the latest.

Q - May I Choose My Child's Coach Or Who My Child Plays With?

A - You can make requests, and we will do our best to accommodate - but we cannot make guarantees.

Q - What Does It Mean I Have To Give My Child's Coach A Volunteer Cheque For $100.00 At The First Practice?

A - Due to low volunteer turnout, RYSA has adopted a method that many other sports organizations (Gymnastics, Baseball, Ringette) follow.  At the beginning of the season, a cheque is to be given to your coach.  When you complete your volunteer hours, your coach will return the cheque.  We have many opportunities to volunteer - between Mini World Cup and Canada Day Tournament, Equipment Pick Up and Drop Offs.

Q - Are There Try-Outs Happening For Tier?

A - No.  Teams will be tiered based off their player evaluations their coaches submitted from the 2016 season.  
For any additional questions or concerns - please contact our Tiering Directors - Bill Hicks or Lee Ewen

Sponsors 2021

n addition to our sponsors listed below, we would like to recognize that we also receive funds from the BC Community Gaming Grant each year which helps keep our costs down to a minimum, along with the help from all the team sponsors.