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Kelowna Canada-Day Soccer Tournament – June 30th to July 1st

The 14th Annual Kelowna Canada Day Youth Soccer tournament and is put on by Rutland Youth Soccer. 
This tournament is for all levels of teams from U11 to U18 with some U10 teams participating at the U11 
level. At U12 you will have the option of also playing 8v8 or 11v11 soccer. This tournament has up to 
115 teams attending and is one of the few that all levels of teams can play at and be competitive at. All 
teams are asked their rankings and are placed accordingly this means that teams may move up or down 
an age group. The tournament is in a round robin format where each team is guaranteed four games. 
There are medals for the first 3 placings in each U13 and above divisions. 
Each team will get a game ball to use for the tournament and to keep. 
Each team will receive an award for their own teams MVP as well as four awards to be presented 
to the opposing teams game MVP. 
This year we have the option to pick-up guest players, they register individually on-line. 
Over the years, it has been consistent that we have 90 % of the teams coming from out of district with 
teams coming from as far away as England. We would like to see the local involvement increase as the 
only issue we seem to have is that in some age groups all of the teams seem to be from Alberta. Other 
than that, we consistently get good reviews like ‘best tournament ever’. 
This year as it is a 3 day weekend we have been able to bring back Goalie Wars which was a big hit with 
all players. 
The cost for this tournament is $600. 
If you would like more information check out http://www.rutlandyouthsoccer.ca/clubsite/?p=15932 or 
email me directly