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Chairman                                     Bill Hicks - chair@rutlandyouthsoccer.ca

Vice Chair                                    Shane Penner - shanecpenner@outlook.com

Admin/Registrar                          Shirley Guenette admin@rutlandyouthsoccer.ca


Treasurer                                     Brent Whitehead - whitehead_brent@hotmail.com

Equipment Director                     Jennifer Krisena - jlkresina@gmail.com

Discipline Rep                             

Director of Sponsorship               

Director Of Communications       Lizz Marsh - lizz.rysa@gmail.com 

Director for Mini Soccer               Shane Penner - shanecpenner@outlook.com

Mini Referee Coordinator            Mark Blacklaws - mark.blacklaws.rysa@gmail.com

Director for Divisional Socccer    Fabian Cid-Yanez - fabian.cid@gmail.com

                                                                      Steven Steed - steveandapril925@yahoo.ca

Coach Development and Training     Vacant - 

Tiering Directors                          Bill Hicks - chair@rutlandyouthsoccer.ca


Team Pictures                             Lizz Marsh - lizz.rysa@gmail.com

Mini World Cup Coordinator       Dalyce Romaniuk - soccermomgonecoach@gmail.com

Co-Canada Day Coordinator      

Co-Canada Day Coordinator      

Website Coordinator                   Shirley Guenette admin@rutlandyouthsoccer.ca

COYSA Board Member              April Steed - steveandapril925@yahoo.ca

COYSA Board Member              

Volunteer Coordinator                Lisa Belding - rysavolunteer@gmail.com