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Chairman                                     Bill Hicks - chair@rutlandyouthsoccer.ca

Vice Chair                                    Steve Steed - rysa.vicechair@gmail.com 

Admin/Registrar                          Shirley Guenette admin@rutlandyouthsoccer.ca

Secretary                                    Shannon Ward - shannon.ward@sd23.bc.ca 

Treasurer                                    Shirley Guenette - rysatreasurer@gmail.com 

Equipment Co-Director              Jackie Tower - rysa.equipment@gmail.com 

Equipment Co-Director               Julee Richmond - rysa.equipment@gmail.com

Discipline Rep                             Tim Goward - rysa.discipline@gmail.com

Director of Sponsorship              Catherine Pynapples - cjpynappels@gmail.com

Director Of Web                          Shirley Guenette admin@rutlandyouthsoccer.ca 

Director for Mini Soccer               Caryn Richardson - carynrichardson@yahoo.com

Director for Divisional Soccer       Steven Steed - d33t5@outlook.com 

Coach Development & Training    Bill Hicks & Steve Steed                        

Team Pictures                               Megan Elmhurst - elm88@outlook.com

Facebook & Communications      Brandy Smith -  rysa-communications@hotmail.com

Facebook & Communications      Jim David - jimfromthelakes@hotmail.ca    

Mini World Cup Coordinator       Victoria Sweetman - rysa.miniworldcup@gmail.com 

Co-Canada Day Coordinator      Bill Hicks - rysa.canadaday@gmail.com

Co-Canada Day Coordinator      Steven Steed - rysa.canadaday@gmail.com       

COYSA Representative              April Steed - rysa.coysareps@gmail.com

COYSA Representative              Hayley Elliot - rysa.coysareps@gmail.com

Volunteer Coordinator                Lisa Belding - rysavolunteer@gmail.com 

Sponsors 2021

n addition to our sponsors listed below, we would like to recognize that we also receive funds from the BC Community Gaming Grant each year which helps keep our costs down to a minimum, along with the help from all the team sponsors.