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Please plan to attend our AGM on Thursday November 14, 2019 at 7:30 pm at the Olympia Greek Taverna Restaurant on Highway 33 just off Rutland Road

Super-8 Soccerfest

The Super-8 Soccerfest is held annually at the end of the outdoor season on the weekend after Thanksgiving for all U11 and U12 teams.

The 2019 Super-8 Soccerfest will be held October 19 and 20 at the Beasley fields in Lake Country (schedules will be posted below by September).

Saturday October 19 will be GIRLS U11 and BOYS U12.

Sunday October 20 will be BOYS U11 and GIRLS U12.

Teams play two games on one day.  All games will be two 25 minute halves. There are participation medals for all players and the Head Coach.
Coaches: please check in with the on-site Field Marshal to collect your medals. Teams need to bring their corner flags but not their net.

Super-8 Soccerfest schedules are below. Look up the team number on the list (different than the team number on the season schedule) then look at the schedule and find the TWO game times for the day. Games will not be rescheduled.

Boys U11 Teams

Boys U12 Teams

Girls U11 Teams

Girls U12 Teams

Schedule: Saturday Girls U11-Boys U12

Schedule: Sunday Boys U11-Girls U12


Kelowna Cup (Playoffs)

The U14-16 KELOWNA CUP is held the weekend after Thanksgiving. 

The 2019 U14-16 Kelowna Cup will be October 19 and 20.

Saturday, October 19 will be BOYS U14 and GIRLS U16.

Sunday, October 20 will be GIRLS U14 and BOYS U16.

GU14 Blue

GU14 White

GU14 Red


BU14 Blue

BU14 White

BU14 Red

BU16 Blue

BU16 White

In the Kelowna Cup, teams play two games on one day with kick-off times approximately 4 hours apart.

The order in which the teams appear on the website standings is NOT necessarily the teams that will advance to the playoffs, nor the order of who finishes 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th.
Standings are determined:
        Firstly at points (determined by the Win/Loss/Tie record).
        If there's a tie, then it goes to the result of the head-to-head game.
        If still tied, then it goes to goal differential (max 3 goals per game).
        If still tied, then it goes to goals for.
Please note our website program shows the actual goal differential of the game scores.

Teams need to bring and set up their net and corner flags.
Top 4 teams in each Division advance to the Playoffs.  Teams play two games in one day.


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Sponsors 2019

In addition to our sponsors listed below, we would like to recognize that we also receive funds from the BC Community Gaming Grant each year which helps keep our costs down to a minimum, along with the help from all the team sponsors.